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    Fichtner Digital Workplace

    Communicating and working together securely and efficiently wherever we are


6 good reasons for using Fichtner Digital Workplace
in your company

When the members of teams are not all working in the same place, they need a flexible, fast and secure platform
on which to conduct their joint activities. With our expertise and specialized tools,
we help you to take digital collaboration in your company to a new level.


Organize your workflows so they are 100% digital and in future save yourself the time-consuming tasks of filing away and searching for paper documents.

Work with any terminal
device you want

Whether in the cloud or running on your own servers—your Digital Workplace can be operated intuitively using a PC, tablet or smartphone. All you need is MS Teams.


Work together whenever you
want and wherever you are

Whether your employees are in their home office or on a construction site—your Digital Workplace lets them access all the information, documents and programs they need, anytime, anywhere.

Retrieve all documents
easily & quicklye

Especially when employees work from home, they need quick and easy access to all information and documents. An intelligent search function makes it possible.


One platform for all

SharePoint makes it possible. Whether ERP, CRM, inventory management or accounting – integrate all your applications on one central platform. Connecting partners or customers also couldn’t be any easier thanks to interfaces.



Chats, emails, telephone and video conferences - digital communication makes working in a team more flexible and enables decisions to be made faster.


Our services for virtual teams

This is how we support you specifically with your digital workplace. You can find more information about our service packages here.

  • Training sessions
    in MS Teams


  • IT roadmap for
    Microsoft 365

  • Change


  • Drawing up

  • Optimizing


  • IT security &
    compliance in
    Microsoft 365


Fichtner Digital Workplace makes work
easier for everyone in the company

When it comes to virtual collaboration, SMEs in particular benefit significantly
from a professional digital business platform.

Employees working from
home or in the field

  • Access to all information with a single point of access
  • Intuitive and fast document searching
  • Effective collaboration with colleagues—even simultaneously on one document
  • Use any device you want
  • Training ensures optimum use of all functions
  • Positive work-life balance

Employees in the IT department

  • Low-maintenance operation as a cloud or on-premises solution
  • High degree of user-friendliness minimizes support effort
  • Fast and cost-effective setup with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint
  • Target-driven and structured implementation
  • Scalable thanks to individual modules
  • Use of Power Apps possible
  • Data protection-compliant solutions

Decision makers & management

  • Access to all decision-relevant information at any time and from anywhere
  • Make better decisions
  • Coordinate and document decisions efficiently
  • Increase productivity, improve communication, streamline collaboration
  • Connecting partners possible



Only 3 steps to make virtual working
in your company even more successful

This is how we facilitate your internet-based collaborative team and project work.

How are your employees to be supported in their day-to-day work? How does virtual collaboration promote your business objectives? And do you want to use collaboration tools more for the purpose of, say, finding the solution to a specific problem or is your company’s focus more on the sharing of knowledge?

We define the user group, typical application areas and rules for using the tools depending on the purpose virtual collaboration is to serve in your company.


In order to make virtual collaboration productive from the get-go, we always accompany the rollout of new tools with training seminars and workshops for users and future support staff.

We create the virtual spaces in which collaboration can be successful, and enable your teams to develop further. All systems are designed in such a way that they can also be adapted to new applications and user groups.


Which tools are selected depends primarily on the extent to which they support your objectives. Only if they are available and function reliably in the home office, and users really do find them both useful and easy to use, can they make a positive contribution toward greater productivity and better communication.

Another important aspect in the choice of system is the security of data and users.




Our promoters for your digital collaboration

Get the most out of Microsoft 365 with the smart extensions from
our partner corner4.


  Optimized data management with
SharePoint & Teams

As an add-in in Outlook, you can use the FileMatix
to store emails and attachments directly on your
SharePoint, in Teams files or in local memory.


Your portal for exchanging data
via Microsoft Teams

Integrate stakeholders efficiently and easily into
your Microsoft Teams structure and fully exploit
the possibilities of Teams as a data store.


Fichtner Digital Workplace is already helping companies to be more productive

We help your company develop a digital workplace. Immerse yourself in some of our most exciting projects.

The Problem

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, our client introduced MS Teams to the company, so that staff could take part in meetings and events held off company premises. The company’s employees are consequently expected to have a high level of media literacy. A lack of knowledge on the part of users can very quickly lead to them disliking the system and even refusing to use it.

The Solution

With the help of seminars, MS Teams was made more accessible to staff. We were able to offer a variety of modules, ranging from basic training courses to specialized training seminars for specific departments.

The Result

The training enabled the staff to recognize the possibilities opened up by MS Teams. A survey on the topic of MS Teams conducted after this training revealed that 90% of the participants would like to continue to work with MS Teams in the future.
Furthermore, our client’s managers identified further ways MS Teams can be used to support business processes.

The Problem

Data protection concerns have led to uncertainty about the use of M365 at many companies. The goal was to take a closer look at M365 from the point of view of data protection and information security and to make recommendations.

The Solution

Together with the client’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), Information Security Officer (ISB) and the IT team, we examined which security requirements are relevant and how these can be integrated into the existing security system.

The Result

A data protection impact assessment was carried out and adjustments to technical configurations were made in line with data processing principles. This included aspects such as storage limitation with the aid of fixed retention periods or rights management for user and role administration.

The Problem

Our client would like to continue to drive and expand their IT landscape to take advantage of new methods and technologies the market has to offer. To this end, a plan was drawn up for the use and rollout of Microsoft’s business platform M365, with different modules.

The Solution

The project was implemented in clearly defined work packages. Starting with a gap analysis, topics such as strategy, infrastructure and compliance aspects were studied with a number of experts.

The Result

In the workshops conducted, FIT identified measures and integrated the content and timing of these measures into a roadmap for rollout of M365. The IT roadmap contains statements on essential work packages, resources and skills requirements, on timing and dependencies, and on support of the change process through communication and training.



Digital collaboration with Microsoft 365
at a glance

In our flyers, we’ve summarized the key information about everything to do with
Microsoft 365 and the Digital Workplace for you.

Creating your digital workplace-
with Microsoft 365

Innovative culture and efficiency through
the use of cutting-edge technologies

Digital Workplace


Communicating and working together securely and efficiently
wherever we are - in the digital transformation

Carry out your tasks faster and easier in the future

Exploit your digital workplace right now to lay the foundations for easier digital collaboration
among your employees—no matter where they are. We’ll show you how.